North Cherokee

Water Supply Corporation
Member owned since 1965

NOTE: Only payments made in the office or directly through our website will be counted as paid on the date made. Payments made through DOXO or any other payment site are NOT associated with North Cherokee Water and will only be counted when we receive payment from the third party (which is up to 2 weeks later).

NOTE: Regarding online payments received on NCR website: If customer’s water bill exceeds $500.00 then payment will need to be made in two different transactions. Payments should be made through North Cherokee Water Supply Corporation’s website only.

FAQs & Forms

When will my meter be read?

North Cherokee WSC reads meters on or around the 15th of every month. Please remember to make water meters accessible at all times to our maintenance personnel.

When is my bill due?

You should receive your water bill on or around the 1st of the month, with a 10% late fee assessed for all bills not paid by the 15th of the month. Water bills not paid by the 25th of the month will be disconnected. Failure to receive bill does not justify extension of time. You may contact our office at (903) 894-3385 from 8am to 4pm for billing inquiries.

How much will my bill be?

Water is billed at $24.00 minimum with no water and $4.50 per 1,000 gallons.

What do I need to do to get water service?

Paperwork is required to be turned into the office before service can be established. The required forms can be downloaded below. You will need:

New water meter service: $1150 ($1050 for installation, $100 membership). When water main is on the side of road where service is requested. If line is on opposite side of road, boring is required. An additional cost for road bores and line extension will be applied. Contact our office for details.

About Us

North Cherokee Water Supply Corporation was first organized as the MET Water Supply Corporation in 1965 with a total of 60 meters. It was established to provide water to the rural communities of Mixon, Enterprise, and Tecula.

In 1972 Mt. Selman Water Supply Corporation was organized to furnish 40 members. The well drilled in Mt. Selman did not provide adequate water and through the guidance of FHA, the MET Water Supply and Mt.Selman Water Supply Corporation were consolidated into one system. It was renamed North Cherokee Water Supply Corporation.

Our current office was built in 1995 to provide a central location to accommodate our customers. It is at the corner of Highway 69 and FM 177 in Mt. Selman.

From the beginning, North Cherokee Water Supply Corporation has been purchasing water from the City of Jacksonville. In 2012 the first deep water well was drilled three miles west of Mt. Selman. This well now provides a majority of water to our customers. With two water sources and four distribution facilities we serve a total of 1,624 active connections.

Our two sources of water are a well in Larissa, providing groundwater from the Carizzo/Wilcox aquifer, and surface water from Lake Jacksonville, purchased from the City of Jacksonville.

Board of Directors

Sammy Grimes (President)
James Tarrant (Vice President)
James Dorman (Secretary/Treasurer)
Michael Ward (Director)
Bruce Rollins (Director)
Bryan McFarlin (Director)
Hirlen Brooks (Director)


Scott Alexander (General Manager/Field Supervisor)
Tony Lassiter (System Operator–Meter Reader)
Judy Lassiter (Office Manager)
Alondra Moreira (Secretary)
Will Clark (Utility Service Worker)